“The most we can ever aspire to is to be the current custodian of the world around us, of which we collectively have a great responsibility to protect, maintain and improve all that we own for the benefit of current and future generations.”

“The most we can ever aspire to is to be the current custodian of the world around us, of which we collectively have a great responsibility to protect, maintain and improve all that we own for the benefit of current and future generations.”

Hello, my name is David Millner, and this is my story…

I was born in Derby and gained my education at Staffordshire University before finally settling down in the beautiful Cotswolds Spa town of Cheltenham where I have lived for the last 20 years.

By trade I am an IT Contractor specialising in the testing & validation of application software in the manufacturing space. My clients include software vendors such as Microsoft, Professional Services companies, various Formula 1 teams, and charities.

I have also for many years, been an investor in Antique Pottery, Fine Wine and most significantly, property.

My first property purchase was a flat in Salford, Manchester in 2006 which I still rent out to this day and my existing portfolio is now spread out over South Wales, Manchester and Gloucestershire.

Fast forward to October 2016 where I went along to the Property Investor show at Excel in London with the goal to answer one question – should I get out of property altogether or continue to invest?

I came away wanting to take my portfolio more serious and stop treating it like a hobby. I also realised that I had to invest in far more than the property itself – I had to develop both myself as an individual and my knowledge via a specialist education.

Since then I have surrounded myself with the right people and taken the time to learn. I now have the confidence and ability to invest wisely and using the right knowledge and tools.

Building a diverse Property Portfolio…

My strategy for building a portfolio is not to have a single strategy. With all the existing and ever changing regulations in a continually fluid industry it makes sense to diversify in order to reduce risk and being over exposed.

As a result my portfolio represents flats and houses which are provided on a traditional single let, multi-let, lease and short term basis. This allows for a varied range of tenant types including professionals, students, housing associations, business and short term holiday stays.

Renovation by adding Value and continual Maintenance…

As investors it is our duty to add value and maintain any property that we consolidate into our portfolios. After all a lot of properties predate us and will for the most part be around long after we are gone.

Therefore we need to ensure that our properties not only provide a good living experience for our current tenants but also are in a fit state for future generations – whether that be for our children or to be placed back onto the market.

No two renovations are the same. We may understand the makeup of the property via a survey upfront and try and plan to the best of our abilities but each renovation will always through up some surprises whether that be a problem to resolve or an opportunity to add value. The point here is that we should be always fixing problems and adding value to any property we take on.

Serviced Accommodation in the heart of the Cotwold’s…

The Coach House in Charlton Kings is located on the east side of Cheltenham allowing for easy access from the A40. The property itself is circa 200 years old and used to serve one of the main houses on the London Road. It sits upon the River Chelt and provides hotel standard accommodation with two bedrooms, parking and a balcony over the river itself. Further information and booking can be provided at (coming soon).

The town of Cheltenham is an integral part of the Cotswold’s which provides stunning views all year round as well as unique and historic attractions like the Spa and Cleeve Hill as well as being key a key business hub in the aerospace, electronics, education and finance industries. It also boasts many festivals attracting both national and international contributors and attendees. These include the Cheltenham Literature Festival (October), the Cheltenham Jazz Festival (May), the Cheltenham Science Festival (June), the Cheltenham Music Festival (June/July), the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival (June) and of course the Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival (March) to name a few.

Funding solutions for growing your portfolio…

Having consolidated my existing and more traditional pension schemes into a SSAS, I provide short term funds to help others build achieve their goals. Whether that be for commercial projects, building a portfolio or to further their business funds can be made available for a given project.

My clients include…

Fine Wine Investment and Sourcing…

I started building my fine wine portfolio back in 2012 and now it represents fine wines from many regions including Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone, Tuscany, California and Oregan. Of course with an investment comes the need for the appropriate knowledge and therefore I have gained acreditation with the Wine & Spirit Educational Trust (WSET).

As well as investing in my own portfolio, I can help source fine wine for clients whether that be for personal enjoyment or holding for the future. Fine wine is a great investment due to its prestigious appeal, ever diminishing stock as well as providing a great additional to a diverse portfolio of investments.